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Diesel Forklifts

As the most mature and reliable product of HlFOUNE Machinery, the 2-4 ton forklift has beencontinuously increased in production and sales quantity, and has been widely praised by the market.Nonetheless, we are still actively listening to our customers and making continuous improvements. Over thepast 2 years, our products have accumulated 45 large and small improvements. We put all our customers'opinions, our sweat and wisdom on this forklift.

HlFOUNE Machinery not only retains the unique reliability and durability of the product, but alsocontinuously improves its operating efficiency and operating comfort. The additional noise reduction device, thecontinuously improved brake and accelerator sensitivity, and the adopted rear axle soft connection structure areall to continuously improve the operating comfort. The existing mast system has also been improved a lot, thelifting speed has been further improved, and the working field of view is better, these are all to improve theoperating efficiency.

"Striving for perfection and continuous improvement", as the design principle of HlFOUNE forklifts, has gonedeep into every detail. Through these dedications, we have produced world-class products that allow every userto operate comfortably.

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